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The area in and around Salobreņa has all the ingredients for a wonderful and varied holiday. Splendid prospects, local tapas bars, unspoilt nature in the mountain regions and plenty of cultural experiences to name but a few.

Highlight of course is the beautiful city Salobreņa, as lies and hooks on the cliff. Salobreņa is a very charming town with its winding, narrow Arab streets and beautiful beaches as the nearest neighbor.
Salobreņa is also known as "The Jewel of the Costa Tropical."


You can se pictures and videos from the lovely beaches of Salobrena and from the beautiful area of Costa Tropical below.

Video from Salobreņa

Video from Costa Tropical


At the top of the cliff is the large and dominant Arab castle, which is very exciting to visit.

The Castle is beautifully restored and surrounded by a beautiful garden with a fascinating view over the whole area - from the beautiful beaches of the south to the high Sierra Nevada mountains to the north.


Salobreņa Castle - photographed from Casa Lobo.

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The urbanizacion, where Casa Lobo is situated is called Costa Aguilera Mar.


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